If you do a Google search for the keyword “inverter manufacturer”, the search engine returns hundreds of pages of results that correspond to your query. On many pages, you will find at least one inverter manufacturer — and usually more — that explains why its products and services are the best. How do you know which inverter manufacturer offers the best products for your needs? After considering the following four points, you should have a clearer answer.

1. Customer Demographics

Not every inverter manufacturer creates inverters that are suitable for every demographic. Generally speaking, the inverter industry has three demographics: residential, commercial, and industrial. So, for those who are looking for the right inverter manufacturer, one of the first delineations to make is whether a company produces products that match your demographic.

2. NEBS Certifications

Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) standards involve a three-tiered approach to rating electrical equipment, particularly hardware that’s used in telecommunication facilities. Of the three levels of NEBS certification, Level 3, is most preferred, as it denotes equipment that withstands adverse operating conditions, such as heavy vibration and airborne contaminants.

3. Equipment Specialization

Some manufacturers of electricity conduction hardware sell products they don’t specialize in manufacturing, maintaining, or repairing. Instead, they sell a wide line of equipment for the sake of profiteering. If you need an inverter for a crucial application, this isn’t the type of company you should choose. Instead, buy from a company that specializes in manufacturing what you need.

4. Customer Service

While it is generally true that most shoppers of power inverters already know what they need before they start shopping, buying equipment from a manufacturer that offers assistance with choosing the right product and implementing it in the proper manner is always a good practice.

Manufacturers that don’t offer these advantages often leave their customers out in the cold.

Searching for an Inverter Manufacturer?

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