Industrial power inverters are a necessary investment for any factory and industry. You need it to efficiently power your equipment during a power outage and thus minimize unnecessary downtime. 

While your company will most probably be able to afford them, who wouldn’t want to save some money in the buying process? 

The good news is that you can indeed save money by buying budget-friendly power inverters. Here is how you can select and buy a competitively priced but perfectly powered industrial power inverter. 

1. Give stock models first priority

You may be looking out for customized inverters. However, did you know that you can save money buying stock models? It’s because stock models are produced on a mass basis and work out cheaper for the inverter manufacturers.

However, in the case of custom models, they have to manufacturer them based on your needs and requirements. This takes additional time and effort on their part.

Besides, you will require only a few customize pieces, which works out to be more expensive to produce. 

2. Modular inverters offer long-term savings

Modular inverters comprise multiple inverters housed in a single chassis. These inverters work out to be a cheaper investment option for you, It’s because you needn’t buy a new inverter if and when you scale up.

All you have to do is buy the required number of additional inverters and add them to the chasses. As it’s cheaper to do this than getting rid of old inverters and buying new ones.

You can end up saving thousands over the years. 

3. Look into the future

You don’t have to think much about the future if you have always had static inverter needs. In other words, where there will be no need to change or invest in new inverters.

However, if you predict that your inverter needs may change, then it’s better to invest in modular inverters than other industrial power inverters. As mentioned above, you end up saving big-time with modular inverters over the years. 

4. How much will maintenance cost?

You need to regularly maintain your inverters for maximum utility and benefits. It’s better to hire professionals to take care of your inverter maintenance needs. 

About the maintenance program to adopt, you have three options to choose from. 

  • The first option is where the original inverter manufacturer takes care of your inverter maintenance needs.

This is probably the best option.

While you may have to pay more for it initially, you end up saving more money in the long run. It’s because inverter manufacturers like Exeltech know all about their inverters, how to repair them, and have all the necessary replacement parts.

As they produce the parts themselves, they naturally charge less for them. Besides, as they know their machines well, they will be able to tackle any problems most efficiently. 

  • The second option lies in hiring third-party service providers.

They may seem cheaper than hiring the inverter manufacturer’s technicians. However, the problem lies in the fact that these providers are a jack of all trades and master of none.

They may know how to repair different inverter brands, but not all inverter models. So there is a high chance that they may not be able to efficiently repair your sophisticated industrial power inverters.

Besides, you have to pay more for replacement parts as they do not manufacture any parts. 

  • The third option is to have your own maintenance team take care of your maintenance.

You may opt for this in the bid to save money by having your in-house technician maintain the inverters. While it may seem cost-efficient at first glance, it can end up rather expensive.

They may not know how to properly maintain and repair all your inverters. You will have to spend more on replacement parts if required.  These four tips will prove helpful in finding the right budget, comparatively priced, industrial power inverters for your emergency power needs.