Savvy business owners know it’s important to understand what it takes to make equipment work properly. From well-kept machinery to knowledgeable workers and dedicated management, the time spent to assure quality products is beyond belief! Sine wave inverters are vital to operations because they regulate the electric power that keeps a business going. It’s obvious why there are so many companies around the world involved in manufacturing and selling those items. Consumer demand and the wide variety of designs for the multitude of equipment creates an insatiable amount of orders for ordinary and custom parts.

Fortunately, the important things to know are simple to learn. An important part is identifying creditable companies and which inverters fit your business requirements. Here are four key points to ask about followed by a brief description to guide you when making choices.

1. Product Certifications

Talk to the manufacturer about product certifications for the types of inverters you need. Sometimes the requirement applies only to certain locations or specific operating conditions. The advantage of power inverters with NEBS Level 3 or RoHS certifications is that they safer, better and prove your compliance with regulations at your workplace.

2. Grades of Equipment

Inverters are different depending on what they are used for and the actual builder. Manufacturing varies depending on whether the equipment is designed for industrial, commercial, or residential use. The major difference is load capacity. Industrial inverters are built with a higher load capacity because of the special challenges from the environment and type of work involved, such as those found in construction areas and tasks.

3. Stock or Custom Equipment

Stock inverters are easily available because they have common features. They are economical and easy to produce, making it cost effective to keep a large amount on hand. Custom equipment such as modular inverters are built to specific designs. The company you trust for everyday devices may also build custom inverters. If you’re hesitant to trust them with more demanding orders, talk about your needs with a respected in-house manufacturer like Exeltech.

4. Types of Production

Custom equipment is built in-house or by a third party. Just as with your business, it’s much easier to deliver quality when every step is monitored and completed in-house. Out-sourced inverters may be built by a completely different set of quality control guidelines when they are done by a third party manufacturer. It leads to complications with repairs, warranties and your company’s ability to perform its job when power fails, or a certification is not in place.

Check with Exeltech today regarding their in-house manufacturing of custom and stock inverters. Ask about equipment certifications for your area by calling 800-886-4683 or using the convenient online contact form today.