Because inverter manufacturers make the same type of equipment, it can often seem as if there isn’t much difference between one manufacturer and another. However, if you look a bit closer, you will find that inverter manufacturers indeed possess some significant differences. With this in mind, below are four ways in which one inverter manufacturer often differs from another.

Area of Use

Some manufacturers specialize in creating inverters for specific areas of use, such as military operations, aeronautical operations, solar applications, and grid tie applications, just to name a few. Before you move ahead with a purchase, be sure you that the equipment is designed for the area of use for which you need it. This can also help you avoid overpaying for an inverter.

Product Certifications

Product certifications is another area of consideration when choosing an inverter manufacturer. Examples of certifications that some manufacturers offer and others do not include: NEBS certification, RoHS certification, and TUV – TL900 certification. If you aren’t sure whether you need an inverter that is designed to comply with special certifications, Exeltech can help.

Custom Equipment

In addition to designing readymade equipment, some inverter manufacturers also design custom equipment on a customer by customer basis. Custom equipment may require a bigger investment than readymade equipment, but when only custom hardware will do, making the extra investment is worth it, particularly in terms of maximizing the lifespan of the product.

Target Audience

Some manufacturers design equipment that is marketed toward a particular target audience, such as users of residential grade inverters, users of commercial grade inverters, or users of industrial grade inverters. Consequently, it is important to determine whether a manufacturer offers a product that is designed to perform well in the environment in which you place it.

Customer Service

Bad customer service is often discovered too late. For example, some companies take for granted that an inverter manufacturer will provide technical assistance for installing the equipment, and offer a comprehensive maintenance plan. However, some sellers offer neither.

If you need assistance with selecting, implementing, or maintaining an inverter, be sure to clarify whether a manufacturer assists with these matters before you purchase one of its products.

Contact Exeltech

If you need to acquire a power inverter, and you are unsure of which inverter manufacturers to consider buying it from, the inverter specialists at Exeltech are here to assist you. Because we have the capacity to create custom equipment, we have the ability to design products that meet the needs of almost every customer we encounter

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