Did you know that industrial power inverters can help you go green while on a road trip? This is because they are very helpful and often necessary for setting up a solar power system for both your home and vehicles.

They help by converting solar power into safe electricity for powering all your gadgets in your vehicle. As solar power is a renewable source of energy, you needn’t worry about your vehicle battery draining while your gadgets are powered.

As mentioned above, these inverters are not only meant to help give you a green trip. You can also use them as small power sources for your holiday home or camp site.

USB outlet compatibility

To make a choice you won’t regret, buy inverters that are compatible with USB outlets. This is because their outlets charge your appliances while travelling without the hassles of lugging around large adapters and plugs.

Digital screens

Some really great inverters have digital screens showing how much of energy your appliance consumes. they also give you information about the battery’s voltage. As it’s always better for you as a consumer to get to know all these things easily at a glance, inverters with screens are a worthy investment.

Modern design and technology

While looking for your inverter, look for something that’s modern in design and technology. These inverters are designed to run extra-quietly so that you do not have to worry about your sleep being disturbed by noisy humming sounds as your phone gets charged.

Most of these inverters come in sizes ranging from 1000 to 5000 watts. Buy something in the middle like a 3000-watt inverter. These industrial power inverters are not as small as the 1000 watt ones or as large as the 5000 watts one.

You can also have your inverter customized to your desired wattage. Companies like exeltech.com personalize inverters to your desired wattage.