Industrial power inverters are indeed a significant investment. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune on each unit. Here are a few ways to save a bit of your investment. 

1. Look for, and buy the right sized batteries

You can save some money in the long run by buying the right sized batteries for your inverter. Too small a battery ends up overloaded and will need a replacement in a short time.

If you wonder how you can select the right sized batteries, you must first assert how much your required total and constant AC load. Next, divide the continuous load by 5 to give a rough estimate of the necessary battery capacity to sustain the load. 

So, supposing your total power load is about 1500 watts, it means that 20% is about 300. It, in turn, means that your inverter needs at least a 300 amp power battery. 

2. Buy the right-sized inverter

In addition to the right-sized battery, you next have to look for the right sized inverter for yourself. It’s important because it’s the inverter’s power output tends to reduce a lot with the rise in internal heat. 

So in case, you select an inverter with a 5, 10, or 30-minute rating, you should know that they do not remove heat quickly enough. It, in turn, leads to a rapid drop in its output power levels.

Industrial power inverters tend to supply full power output at power to a maximum of 25 degrees C. They then start de-rating its power output from there. 

Based on this, you need to calculate the total AC loads of all the appliances you will be powering through the inverter. You then have to determine if you will be using all of them simultaneously or not.

If you plan to use them at once, then look for a bigger inverter that compensates and covers peak surge leads in inverters. 

3. Hire third-party servicing providers

Regular maintenance is the key to any device’s longevity.

So if you want to prolong the life of your modular inverters, it needs regular maintenance. You may wonder who’s a better person to turn to for your inverter maintenance. You wonder if you should make a service contract with the manufacturer is better or with a third-party provider.

Well, a third-party service provider is cheaper for various reasons. 

They charge lower service rates than manufacturers. They also don’t have an additional reinstatement fee many manufacturers charge.

If you wonder what reinstatement fee is, well, it’s the fees they charge if you decide to hire them again after terminating a prior contract to hire a third-party provider. 

Third-party providers are more tech-savvy and thus a cheaper and better choice for you too. While your manufacturers’ technicians may be adept at servicing their inverters, they can’t maintain other brand inverters you may have at your establishment.

So it means that it’s notably better, and cheaper for you to hire a third-party service provider if you have different branded industrial power inverters. You can have one person taking care of all your inverter maintenance needs.

It’s the job of third-party service providers to ensure optimal customer satisfaction to all their customers. So they keep as many parts of as many brands as possible at all times, so that they can quickly repair, and replace damaged parts with minimal downtime for you. 

So you see, while industrial power inverters are indeed an expensive long-time investment, it is indeed possible to save money with some research.