Craft breweries are becoming increasingly popular due to the growing demand for high-quality, locally-produced beer. However, running a small-scale craft brewery is challenging, especially when managing operational costs and maximizing profitability. 

This is where 2K watt power inverters come in handy, as they can power the breweries during power outages while keeping the operational costs low.

Understanding Brewery Power Requirements

While smaller than their industrial counterparts, small-scale craft breweries still require substantial electricity to operate efficiently. That’s because the brewing process involves various equipment and processes relying heavily on electricity. For example:

  • Brewing Equipment

    Brew kettles, mash tuns, and fermentation tanks are crucial for boiling wort, mashing grains, and maintaining specific temperatures during fermentation. These essential components use electricity-powered heating elements.
  • Cooling Systems

    Refrigeration units and cooling systems are critical in controlling fermentation temperatures and storing finished beer. These systems run continuously to ensure beer quality, contributing significantly to electricity consumption.
  • Pumps and Motors

    Pumps and motors transfer liquids between vessels, manage flow rates, and facilitate cleaning processes. Their operation requires electricity, especially during circulation, transfer, and cleaning.
  • Lighting and HVAC

    Lighting, ventilation, and heating/cooling systems, necessary for creating a comfortable and safe brewery environment also require electricity. 

4 Benefits of Using 2k Watt Power Inverters in Craft Breweries

1. Energy Efficiency

Small craft breweries often face high energy costs when running brewing equipment such as pumps, heaters, and chillers. By using true sine wave inverters, breweries can optimize energy consumption, save on electricity bills, and reduce operational costs.

2. Portability and Flexibility

Breweries may require power sources when operating mobile brewing setups at events or festivals. These portable inverters allow you to set up brewing equipment wherever needed without relying on grid power.

3. Backup Power Solution

They are a valuable backup power solution, ensuring breweries operate even during unexpected power cuts. It results in minimizing downtime and maintaining production schedules.

4. Increased Production Capacity

With reliable power from these inverters, craft breweries can boost their production capacity and meet the growing demand for their unique brews. Consistent and efficient operation allows breweries to scale up their operations and expand their market reach, ultimately driving sales and profits.

Tips for Choosing Suitable 2K Watt Power Inverters for Your Brewery

1. Assess Your Power Needs

Begin by compiling a list of all electrical equipment in the brewery, including brewing equipment, cooling systems, pumps, and lighting. Now, determine the power consumption of each device and the total wattage required during peak operation.

2. Consider Peak Load and Surge Capacity

When selecting true sine wave inverters, account for peak loads and potential surges in power demand. Then, choose an inverter with a surge capacity higher than the maximum power requirement. It will help handle sudden spikes in electricity consumption without overloading the system.

3. Voltage and Wattage Compatibility

Ensure that the power inverter’s voltage and wattage ratings match the requirements of brewery equipment. Select true sine wave inverters capable of providing sufficient voltage and wattage output to power all essential brewery devices simultaneously.

4. Waveform Type

Opt for an inverter that produces a clean and stable power output similar to grid electricity. It ensures compatibility with sensitive brewery equipment like electronic controllers and motors.

5. Safety

Look for inverters with built-in safety mechanisms and certifications from reputable organizations to ensure reliability and compliance with industry standards.

Breweries can significantly reduce their electricity consumption by implementing energy-efficient solutions like 2K watt power inverters. This measure not only helps to cut down on energy costs but also contributes to the sustainability of the business. 

Exeltech offers readily available inverters that breweries can adopt to improve their energy efficiency. Visit the store today to get one for your brewery.