The best way to find out which industrial power inverters you should invest in is through an industrial power audit. This is because these audits not only show how much power your company uses, but also shows how and where you can save electricity and money, and identify any energy hog points.

Defines your building heating and cooling patterns

The energy audit should include not only an audit of your industrial equipment power consumption but also gives you an idea of your building heating and cooling patterns.

Not many realize that there are many culprits in offices that consume lots of energy, and lead to increased power consumption. Your energy auditor will give you some advice about replacing or repairing equipment wherever required too.

It’s based on this data that they may end up suggesting buying lower or higher powered industrial power inverters for your establishment. Having done so many industrial audits, they also know and suggest some inverter manufacturers for buying inverters. They may even perhaps be able to get you better products and rates through their contacts.

Locates troublesome hot spots

An infrared examination is a useful part of an industrial power audit, preferably conducted once or twice a year. If you wonder how it helps you in choosing industrial power inverters, well, it helps locate any troublesome lurking hot spots to take care of before they grows into something dangerous. You can fix these trouble spots, and safely chose and buy the right inverter for your establishment.

Assesses the total power consumption

Electrical audits include the power used through not only outlets but also all the plug-in adaptors and power strips with additional outlets stemming from a single power point. This is the total power consumption in your establishment and is vital in determining the exact power for your industrial power inverters.

In fact, an inverter provides a safe solution in such situations because it’s not safe or economical to demand more voltage than the inverter’s load rating. This is where a customized industrial power inverter provides the solution to handle high power loads.