The overall quality of an inverter depends on more than specifications of the equipment. It also depends on the practices of the inverter manufacturer that produces the equipment. This why it is helpful to gain as much information about the manufacturing process as possible before you make a purchase. All of the production practices of an inverter manufacturer shape the quality of its products, but the four practices discussed below tend to have the greatest impact of all.

1. Production Oversight

Does an inverter manufacturer oversee its own production process, or does it outsource the manufacturing effort to a third party? In terms of quality control, the answer can have a major impact on the overall quality of the company’s products. The ideal situation is for an inverter manufacturer to directly oversee the production process, as this prevents the quality control issue of a third party outsourcing to still other parties, and those parties taking the same action.

2. Parts Testing

Whether an inverter manufacturer oversees the production process or decides to hand it off to another company, it should always test the parts that comprise its products according to industry safety and usage standards. Otherwise, the company could perform a large production run of inverters that contain a faulty component. Inquire with a manufacturer about how its tests its electricity conduction equipment before it releases the hardware on the commercial market.

3. Error Resolution

If a part is tested and found to contain production errors such as warping or overcut dimensions, the manufacturer should not simply engage in trial and error until it produces a quality part. Rather, the problematic part should ideally be analyzed with a highly efficient solution for observing spatial data, such as a 3D laser scanner. After using 3D laser inspection and measurement software to create the perfect part, data generated using the software can be plugged directly into the manufacturing process to create endless copies of the correct part.

5. Product Certifications

Some inverters are manufactured to meet the standards of important product certifications (e.g. NEBS Level 3, RoHS, TUV — TL9000, etc.), while other inverters need to be special ordered to feature such certifications. If you know that you need an inverter that is certified according to a certain set of performance standards, determine whether you can order the right equipment in readymade form, or you need to place a special product order with the inverter manufacturer.

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