Inverters prove to be a great backup power source to run most household appliances during power outages. They provide you with uninterrupted power to continue doing whatever you want or were doing until power returns.

Inverters are powered by a single 12V battery, or a combination of batteries to invert direct current or DC to Alternating current or AC current, which is the main power type supplied by the power grid.

Different inverter types

There are different types of inverters for residential, commercial and industrial use where true sine wave inverters are generally used for residential purposes. They are more expensive than other inverters because precise parts are used to generate a steady flow of sinusoidal electricity. Sinusoidal electricity is the electricity coming directly from the utility lines.

These sine wave inverters come as two types- pure and modified sine wave inverters. Of the two, it is the pure sine wave inverters that are more expensive, and perfect for use by people using lots of high energy gadgets and equipment. Modified sine wave inverters are cheaper and preferably used for running a few household appliances like microwaves and televisions.

2k watt power inverters

2k watt power inverters are pure sine wave inverters that can be safely used to power a laptop or even a refrigerator. You can choose the best unit based on the amount of power you need, and your budget.

While these inverters come in various price ranges, you can get quite decent inverters between $150 to $1000.They can safely be used for powering appliances like power tools and get you running in a matter of minutes during power outages.

Some of these inverters come with additional features like overload and short protection, a built-in cooling fan and digital LED display. Though the features may increase the inverter’s price, it is generally better to buy inverters with useful features.