There are generally two types of electrical currents used for powering electrical equipment, DC or Direct Current and AC or Alternating Current. When you speak about AC power industrial inverters, it’s generally the inverters that run on AC or alternating current.

DC consists of a unidirectional flow of electrical charge while AC has electrical charges in reverse directions. While DC was originally delivered through power grids to businesses and residences, today the global power grid delivers AC, which is why there are so many AC inverters.

AC provides uniform electricity

AC is used for powering purposes instead of DC mainly because DC can’t travel long distances across power lines without a drop in intensity. AC electricity transformers can, however, travel long distances along power lines without any drop in power intensity.

The switch from DC to AC power in power grids has led to the manufacturer of electrical equipment that receives AC and not DC. There are AC power industrial inverters that cater to the needs of this electrical equipment.

Choosing the right inverter manufacturer

With this increased demand for AC equipment and power inverters, there are hundreds of inverter manufacturers across the US. This is why you need to know how to choose the best manufacturers to approach to meet your business inverter needs.

  • Choose the manufacturer based on the grade of equipment they produce because of a difference in equipment fit for residential, commercial and industrial use. Among the three, it’s the industrial grade inverters that come with a higher load capacity than residential or commercial inverters.
  • Choose the manufacturer based on their product certifications, which are legally required in some states and are designed for specific operating conditions.
  • If you are looking for AC power industrial inverters to meet some specific needs of your industry, look for inverter manufacturers who can customize inverters as per your needs. Even if not now, you may need custom equipment in the future, it’s better to find and do business with a manufacturer offering both stock and custom AC power inverters.

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