You invest in inverters to minimize downtime, and to maintain the life of your equipment. You know that frequent power outages can lead to a problem in your machine, and you want to prevent this by using industrial power inverters.

However, did you ever realize that modular inverters and industrial power inverters are also sensitive equipment?

And that they have to be used carefully and with the right care and tips to serve you longer? If you’ve just realized these tips should help ensure the longevity of your inverters. 

  1. Never attempt to open and do your repairs.

You may think that you may be able to save time and money by doing minor repairs. However, these minor repairs are not so minor at all. It may lead to future complications and problems that will be even more expensive to repair. 

The chassis of all modular inverters are generally fixed and closed to minimize the possibilities of any problems. So do not open it at all. If you feel that there’s a problem with the inverter, then it’s recommended to stop using it. Disconnect both its input and output sources, and turn to professionals like Exeltech technician to check and do the necessary servicing or repairs. 

2. Don’t have anything metallic around

There should never be anything metal around Industrial power inverters when connected to the battery. This is a preventive measure to prevent a possible battery short circuit, which can lead to hazardous burns. 

3. Follow these installation tips

Last but not least, install the inverters based on the following requirements.

Do not keep it in a place where it gets soaked in water or rain. Do maintain it at a cool temperature, between 0 to 40°C and do make sure that there should be proper ventilation. Do not keep anything near or on the shell, and maintain all-round ventilation.