Industrial power inverters are a huge, but necessary investment. You cannot avoid buying them because they help reduce your downtime which in turn leads to increased productivity and sales.

There are however some useful tips you can implement to at least reduce your inverter costs. They are:

Buy the right type of inverter

There are three types of inverters available- residential, commercial and industrial power inverters. Do not think that you will save money by buying commercial ones for your industrial use.

These inverters are not built to withstand industrial load and may end up giving problems. So you only end up spending money repairing or buying a new unit. You end up spending much more than the money you had thought you’d saved.

Sufficient warranty

Look for inverters that offer maximum warranty and coverage because most manufacturers offer only a few weeks or months’ warranties. This is not enough for industrial power inverters that start giving problems only after a year or so of usage. The right warranty coverage ensures you do not have to spend much money on repairs.

Buy directly from the manufacturer

It’s always cheaper to buy your inverter directly from the manufacturer because you don’t have to bear any vendor commission costs. Besides, buying directly from the inverter means that they will have replacement parts readily available at all times. You save money here because you don’t have to spend time and money looking for spare parts. There is also no risk or worry about buying the wrong parts.


Last but not least, look for customized inverters where you can customize the inverter to your desired size. This way you won’t end up spending unnecessarily on a larger inverter than required. You just have to place an order with companies like Exeltech and you soon receive the right sized, and reasonably priced industrial power inverter for your needs.