Buying an AC power industrial inverter and not taking care of its proper maintenance can be heavy on your pocket. Like other electronic equipment, it also needs timely maintenance for proper functioning. 

And when it comes to inverter maintenance, many of you might be clueless about whom to approach for its service. Contacting the manufacturers for servicing seems the perfect option, but you know that you can choose third-party service providers that can save you money. 

Read o to learn the three reasons why third-party service providers are a better option: 

1. Provide services at cheaper rates

Third-party service providers charge less than the manufacturers, thus saving you some money. On the contrary, manufacturers may charge you an extra reinstatement fee if you pause their services, hire third-party service providers, and then hire them again. 

2. Easily available spare parts

Some third-party services offer spare parts for repairing AC inverters of all brands. They are generally difficult to procure, but they keep all accessories available since it’s their job. 

Since the spare parts are readily available, you can expect speedy repairs and reduced downtime for your company. Manufacturers, on the contrary, keep only parts of their brand inverters.

3. Tech-savvy professionals

AC inverter manufacturers know only their products well and are comfortable repairing them. However, they may not know how to repair other brand inverters. So if you own an AC inverter of other brands, they’ll have a hard time fixing it. 

Third-party service providers, on the other hand, are well versed in repairing almost all the inverter brands. No matter what brand of the inverter you own, they can fix it.

Considering these three points, it would be wiser and cheaper to get your AC power industrial inverters repaired by third-party service providers. They have the spare parts readily available and can fix the Ac inverters of all the brands and types. At Exeltech, our trained professionals provide high-quality services for your AC inverters at affordable prices. Dial 800-866-4683 if you want to get your AC inverters repaired; our technicians would be happy to assist you.