2k watt power inverters are a worthy investment for any RV owner. They convert and store the DC electricity from the battery into AC electricity so that you can safely use your appliances even in the absence of household power.

Benefits of using true sine wave inverters

Appliances that run on true sine wave inverters do not produce much noise. At the most they produce some humming and buzzing noise.

These inverters work with minimal harmonic distortion. So you needn’t worry about lines across the TV screen or flickering lights and speaker static.

Electrical equipment works with better efficiency thanks to the reduced current distortion. This is especially useful for inductive load appliances like microwaves.

Inverter size

There are a few factors you need consider to determine to ascertain the right sized 2k watt power inverter for your RV.

You need to find out how much power your appliances require in watts.

Don’t forget to consider the appliances’ start-up surge. Though these surges are momentary, it’s about 2.5 to three times the appliances’ running wattage.

Calculate the total wattage if the inverter will be powering multiple appliances to compensate for the total power start-up surge.


True sine wave inverters usually have two values:

Continuous power watts where the inverter’s constant power is rated for 1000W

Peak power watts, which is the maximum power available for a split second like in surges.

1000 watts is usually enough if the appliances don’t collectively draw more than 1000w of power when in use. Appliances will continue working in the event of temporary power surges that do not exceed 3000w.

However, the inverter shuts down if the surge lasts longer, and continuously uses more than 1000 watts of power. This is because standard true sine wave inverters can provide1000w of power for normal use and no more than 3000w of power for short power surges

Don’t worry if standard sized inverters do not provide for your power needs. Companies like Exeltech will customize inverters to meet your power needs.