The many inverter manufacturers produce inverters in so many sizes and capacities that you cannot randomly buy one. You need to correctly assess and gauge them to decide and select the right sized industrial power inverters for yourself. 

Calculate items to power

The most natural solution here is to buy the biggest inverter you have in the market, berceuse it will anyway provide for all your backup power needs. 

However, this is not always a good idea. There are so many inverters available ranging from 300-watt units you plug into your cigarette lighter to the larger, 5,000-watt units. 

Select your industrial power inverters based on the items it has to power, and which will be powered together. It helps you choose the right inverter for your operation. 

Calculate total wattage consumption

You can calculate the total wattage consumed by all your equipment to come to the total wattage required in your inverter. Don’t also forget to include the ‘surge power’ while making calculations.

If you wonder what this is, well, it‘s the initial power load used to power your device, and it’s usually double the continuous power requirement. Inverter manufacturers generally print the surge rating on their units, so check it before buying.  

Power surge handling

Another factor to take into consideration before buying industrial power inverters is now long it can handle the surge. Inverters may handle the increased power for only a few milliseconds or a few seconds before the power draw may shut down the inverter. It is better to look for units that longest handles the surge. 

Don’t worry if you find it challenging to calculate your total power needs and select your inverter Exeltech professionals will be more than happy to be of assistance.