Industrial power inverters are a broad class of inverters that have numerous differentiating characteristics. How do you choose the right equipment for your needs? It starts with making the three basic considerations below, and then enlisting the help of an experienced industrial inverter manufacturer if you need additional assistance.

1. Define the Application

How will you use the inverter? For example, do you need an inverter for inverting the direct current (DC) of solar energy into alternating current (AC), an inverter for connecting a power generator to a utility line to sell electricity you produce, or an inverter to help eliminate harmonic distortion in a fluorescent lighting system?

It’s important to know the answer, as each of these applications would require a different model of inverter. Once you know what type of equipment you need for the application, it’s time to establish specifications you need in an inverter.

2. List Equipment Specs

Start with basic specifications and work your way to ones that are more refined. For example, begin by establishing the wattage of the electricity load the inverter must support and the right size of inverter for the installation site, and then determine what specifications you need based on conditions in the operating environment (e.g. An operating environment that has heavy vibration, airborne contaminants, or other adverse conditions may require an inverter that has a NEBS Level 3 certificate).

Choosing the right specifications for industrial power inverters has a major impact on how much maintenance and repair they require and, ultimately, how long they last. If in doubt about the specifications you need in an inverter, speak with an inverter specialist from Exeltech?

3. Consider a Custom Model

Most companies and organizations can meet their power inversion needs with stock model inverters, but there’s also a significant percentage of users that require custom inverter features, such as unique modular design, an unusually high electricity load rating, and equipment housing that protects against heavy impact, as could occur from falling objects in a hard hat zone.

You may invest more for a custom inverter than you would for a stock model. However, because its specifications have a major effect on the lifespan of the equipment, you could end up paying more to own a stock model due to the frequent maintenance and repairs the equipment required.

Shopping for Industrial Power Inverters?

If so, Exeltech can help you choose the right equipment regarding the three factors above, among others. We specialize in manufacturing stock and custom industrial power inverters that are suitable for various industries, including telecommunications, manufacturing, and military.

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