Did you know that while AC power industrial inverters are a huge investment, there are ways to save money? Yes, you can save a considerable amount of money buying directly from the inverter manufacturer.

1. No commission to pay

If you wonder why, it’s because you don’t have to pay the commission a vendor receives if you buy it from a retail store. If you have to buy a few AC inverters, you stand to save a considerable amount buying them directly from the manufacturer.

2. Cheaper replacement parts and maintenance

Not only do you save on upfront costs, but you also save money in the long run because the manufacturers have all replacement parts available. You don’t have to wait for the technician to look for necessary replacement parts. This makes your repair cheaper, and much easier to do.

3. Save by customizing inverters

You also save a considerable amount if you don’t have a standard AC inverter ready and have to customize one. Inverter manufacturers like Exeltech will manufacture AC power industrial inverters as per your specifications.
It is always better to spend a bit more customizing inverters instead of just buying whatever inverters you find at the store. These inverters may either be higher or lower powered than you require, which in turn will either be a waste of money or inefficient in protecting your equipment from power surges.

As you can only have inverter manufacturers customize inverters for you, you end up saving money ordering and buying your AC inverters from them.


Whether you decide to buy from the manufacturer or a store, do remember to buy the AC inverter based on the devices they will be powering. This means you should buy only industrial power inverters for your industrial equipment, and not residential or commercial inverters.

Don’t forget to also compare warranties, and buy from the AC inverter manufacturer offering a better warranty and warranty period.