Modular inverters are designed based on the concept of “modularity”, which defines as the “degree to which an article or system is made up of relatively independent but interlocking components and parts.” This is a good definition for modular inverters concerning their central aspect that make them easy to maintain, repair, and reconfigure: modular design.

Benefits of Modular Inverters

Modular inverters have a range of characteristics that benefit most commercial and industrial users. Among these benefits, five of the most notable are:

  • Redundancy that helps prevent downtime
  • Scalability that allows the equipment to be used in different capacities
  • Power density for carrying high electricity loads
  • Ability to hot swap while system is up and running
  • Isolation of battery-powered inverters to preserve batteries

These aspects make modular inverters highly versatile, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a stock model inverter will meet your needs. Instead, you might require a custom inverter that’s designed or the needs of your facility and work processes.

For example, if the inverter is in an environment where falling objects could damage it, you may need reinforced equipment housing for the equipment. Another example of when a custom inverter is needed, is when the electricity load is too large for the load rating of a stock inverter.

Exeltech will help you decide whether a stock product can meet your needs.

Consider Product Certifications

In some cases, what appears to be the need for a custom inverter can be resolved by ordering a converter that has one or more product certifications. As an example, adverse conditions in the operating environment — such as unusual temperatures, airborne contaminants, and heavy vibration — may seem to signal the need for custom equipment.

However, a NEBS Level 3 certification can prevent damage from these adverse operating conditions and more. RoHS certification and TUV – TL9000 certification are other examples of certifications that may eliminate the need to order a custom model to receive a specific characteristic.

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We sell modular inverters that are available stock models and custom models. With either type, you can receive the following product certifications: NEBS, RoHS, and TUV – TL900. If you need assistance identifying modular inverters that flawlessly meet your needs, give us a call today at (800) 886-4683, or send us an email through our contact form. We look forward to learning about your electricity inversion needs and seeing how we can help.