There’s no worry about losing power while listening to music or playing handheld games while on the road. These devices can always be easily recharged by plugging into your vehicle’s power port.

The problem arises if you need to power some other appliance like a laptop computer to do some work, or a microwave oven to heat your food. This is where sine wave inverters come in useful.

How sine wave inverters work

These power inverters turn the direct current from your RV or car into the alternating current that’s supplied to your homes and is safe on electrical appliances. In other words, they convert the 12v DC power to110volts of AC power.

They are ideal to use for powering household appliances wherever there is no electricity like while traveling and camping. These inverters come in two main types. True sine wave power inverters and modified sine wave power inverters.

Difference between true and modified sine wave inverters

It is true sine wave power inverters that provide utility grade power. Though expensive, these inverters can provide electricity to most appliances including not only kitchen appliances but even laser printers and fax machines. They are better used to power higher-end electronic appliances.

On the other hand, the modified sine wave inverters are quite popular and can power most household appliances and power tools. They are affordably priced but have their drawbacks when compared to true sine inverters. The most important drawback is that they cannot carry the power load of some equipment like clocks, cordless tool chargers, and microwave ovens.

Choose the right inverter

As you will be using these inverters to power expensive and sensitive equipment, it’s important that you choose the right unit for your powering needs.

This is possible by keeping the following points in mind:

  • Check the sine wave inverter’s power ratings, which will be in watts. Check to ensure it will carry your projected power load.
  • Don’t forget to check the inverter’s size. It should be large enough to transfer power to various electrical appliances at home and in your RV.

If you are still uncertain about choosing the right inverters, don’t worry. Companies like Exeltech will guide you through the process.