Imagine you are a hospital director, and suddenly there is a power outage, and there is no power backup. The patients in the ICU and OT are suddenly struggling for survival because the machines have stopped working. 

Doesn’t it sound frightening?

Besides putting patients’ lives in danger, you risk facing legal implications too. Therefore it is essential to have an emergency backup in medical facilities. And in such a scenario, nothing could be more beneficial to your medical facility than industrial power inverters.

Importance of inverters in a medical facility 

Inverters are the ultimate solution in case of an emergency power outage. Here are various reasons why a medical facility should opt for industrial power inverters as an emergency backup plan:

1. Constant power supply

A constant power supply is an essential requirement of any medical facility. The medical instruments are sensitive and can easily damage by inconsistencies in power. Therefore it’s necessary to have inverters as an emergency power backup to provide a steady power stream. 

Failure to do so can have consequences like system breakdown, downtime, and eventually, a possible patient death. So it’s crucial to have inverters installed wherever necessary to prevent such incidents.

2. Effective communication 

Effective communication is vital in medical departments, helping provide excellent patient care. But communication is badly affected whenever there are frequent power cuts. Some mediums of communication like telephones are exclusively dependent on electricity. 

Also, patient files, other documents like health records, etc., need electricity for transmission. So it’s essential to have a steady electric supply for smooth communication. Hence you need industrial power inverters to combat the problem of power cuts.

3. Reduced operational cost

Hospitals utilize lots of electrical energy; they should consider installing industrial power inverters to reduce operational costs. During emergency power cuts, medical facilities can conveniently use industrial inverters. 

Moreover, these inverters can also be relied upon for power supply to assist in energy conservation. Also, the operational cost of inverters is less than the electricity bills the hospitals have to pay. Thus the medical facility can effectively cut their expenditure by opting for industrial power inverters.

However, to keep a consistent flow of power, ensure that your inverter has:

  • Well maintained batteries
  • Regular maintenance
  • Properly tested and supported circuits

4. Protects equipment

Consistent electrical supply is any medical facility’s basic need for protecting sensitive equipment. An inconsistent power supply can damage the equipment. 

Moreover, while operating a patient, for example, open-heart surgery, any voltage fluctuations might be fatal for the patient. In such a case, all medical equipment must be balanced and functional during the entire surgical procedure.

Also, sensitive and vital equipment like ventilators need uninterrupted power; otherwise, the patient’s life can be in danger. Therefore a backup inverter like an industrial power inverter can end all these problems.

5. Instant power backup

One of the added advantages of these inverters is that they provide instant backup without downtime. Thus, they help to avoid an immediate shutdown of all the equipment that can lead to chaos in the hospitals. 

Though the inverter provides temporary power, it can still save your equipment from damage. Also, medical facilities can select an inverter of significant size if there are exceptionally long power cuts.

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