Modular inverters are very important to equipment performance. In fact, it’s easy to overlook maintenance when they’re operating effectively. That may result in a loss of power down the road with the need for repair and potential downtime until the problem’s found. Another situation that affects industrial power inverters is age. Knowing and using the various options for determining equipment status reduces the chance of inverter failure.

You’ve already demonstrated respect for your business and budget by selecting quality industrial power inverters. Read guidelines and requirements in the owner’s manual to be sure that proposed tests are within the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. The goal is to keep equipment working effectively rather than risking loss of the warranty by the manufacturer.

Infrared Scanning: Using infrared scans to find hot spots on electrical equipment helps technicians identify areas that are prone to mechanical failure. The process, typically done in a day or less, requires an infrared scanning technician who walks through your facility scanning electronic equipment. It’s beneficial because it designates suspicious electrical issues, allowing repairs to be done before the problem worsens.

Designated Maintenance Schedules: Inverter failures are often caused by electrical problems. Preventive maintenance checks extend the life of industrial power and modular inverters, whether they carry a light or heavy load. This routine checkup includes examining plastic harnesses, connecting wires, and wire coatings. This process can be done by your own technicians.

Inspections by Inverter Technicians: More expensive that the previous two suggestions, the results typically prevent a myriad of equipment failures by predicting possible trouble before it’s hardly started. Inverter specialists carefully diagnose the performance and condition of the inverters in your facility. A report showing what was tested and the results should follow the inspection. Advise the specialist of your expectations prior to signing an agreement for service.

If a replacement or custom inverter is recommended, contact Exeltech at 800-886-4683 regarding the specialized and custom stock inverters we manufacture.