While industrial power inverters are considered to be highly durable and have the capability of handling excessive energy loads, they are – in the most basic state – electrical-based equipment pieces. Essentially, this means that they will experience wear and tear over the progression of their lifespan. Additionally, modular inverters will come to a point where they cease to function appropriately and replacement will be necessary. Despite this dreadful news, there is good news; that is, there are several steps that may be taken to increase the lifespan of your industrial power inverters. Continue reading to learn about these productive measures.

Determine the Appropriate Equipment Grade for Your Needs

As with many electrical devices currently available on the market, industrial power inverters are identified by specific “grades”. The equipment grades are commonly organized as follows:

  • Residential Grade
  • Commercial Grade
  • Industrial Grade

The first step to preserving the life of your modular inverters is to ensure that you select the grade that is appropriate for your specific needs as it pertains to electrical conduction. If you are reading this, it is quite likely that the grade you require is “industrial grade”. You should never opt for a grade that is lower than your needs as the inverter will operate under excessive strain, which could lead to the failure of the unit. This, in turn, leads to costly repairs, the possibility of having to completely replace your modular inverters, and loss of productivity in the workplace.

Seek Out Inverters with the NEBS Level 3 Certificate

During the 1970s, the organization of Bell Labs created various certifications under the Network Equipment-Building System that would help in the process of standardizing all of the electrical equipment utilized in their regional operating systems. A level “3” certificate is one that offers the highest level of protection out of all of the certificates that were created. By choosing industrial power inverters with this level of protection, your unit will be protected against contaminants, moisture, excessive temperatures, and other complications that may arise while in operation in the industrial setting.


To increase the lifespan of your industrial power inverters, you should always select the appropriate equipment grade for your needs and opt for devices that include a level 3 certificate. In addition to these measures, you should make certain that your modular inverters undergo regular maintenance. In order to determine your inverter’s unique maintenance schedule plan, simply read over the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your device. If you have an interest in industrial power inverters with a long lifespan and a high-quality rating, visit the following link today: https://exeltech.com/products/