If you’ve ever been randomly audited by the IRS, you know how disheartening it can feel. The analysts search your financial accounts for discrepancies, and they now have programs that can track transactions among money sharing sites, such as PayPal.

How does this apply an industrial power audit? In terms of the audit’s approach, it may have more to do with a financial than you think.

Energy Audit Revelations

An industrial power energy audit can reveal important things, such as whether your electricity conduction equipment is installed to code, the average temperature of your data center, and whether the wiring in your building could be configured to make an inverter easier to install and maintain.

As an added bonus, you can have the energy auditor assess the heating and cooling patterns in your building, which provides helpful advice for fixing them presently, addressing them during  building upgrades, or simply eradicating them when a new facility is built.

Infrared Facility Examination

An infrared examination by itself isn’t an energy audit, but it accomplishes something that many energy audits don’t. The heat sensing property of a handheld infrared scanner reveals “hot spots”, where an electrical problem is present — often in its infancy.

Once you know the problem areas, you can fix them before they lead to bigger problems, and keep your industrial power system operating with no detectable hot spots. Many power auditors recommend having your system checked with an infrared scanner at least once or twice a year.

Electrical Load Requirements

People often assume they can add  number of products to the electrical system, without affecting the how the additions perform in terms of electrical load.

However, just as a computer may lack enough memory to support certain programs, an electrical system may not offer enough voltage to support certain types of power conduction equipment. If the voltage of what the inverter supports is too high for the inverter’s load rating, you my need a custom inverter that’s designed to handle exceptionally high loads.

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