When a company or organization shops for industrial power inverters, they naturally look for the best price point. This often leads them to inverters that are designed for commercial or residential use, as these grades of inverters typically cost less than industrial grade models. However, the price difference results from the fact that industrial models offer different features and capabilities than commercial and residential models, particularly the ones listed below.

1. Load Capacity

Because industrial work environments commonly include machinery that requires much more electricity than equipment and appliances that are found in residences, industrial power inverters typically have a higher load capacity than commercial grade and residential grade inverters, which soon malfunction if they carry a load higher than the manufacturer’s load rating.

2. Equipment Housing

Most commercial and residential environments don’t involve the threat of falling objects, inadvertent projectiles from production equipment, metal-based or soil-based aerosols, etc. On the other hand, industrial environments often do involve these adverse elements, which threaten the operation of power conversion equipment. Consequently, industrial inverters often have more rigid, more tightly sealed equipment housing than commercial and residential models.

3. NEBS Level 3 Certificate

Industrial inverters are often purchased with a NEBS Level 3 certificate attached. NEBS Level 3 certification offers the highest level of standardized protection against many adverse operating conditions, including: airborne contaminants, unusual temperatures, and heavy vibration. When commercial and residential inverters experience these conditions, they often fail to operate, or they operate inefficiently.

4. Equipment Lifespan

A high load capacity, high-performance equipment housing, and NEBS Level 3 certification; these things ultimately give industrial inverters a long lifespan, as long as the equipment is properly installed and maintained. Industrial grade inverters can last for decades. Commercial and residential models are typically sent to the inverter graveyard long before then.

Shopping for Industrial Power Inverters?

If you need the capabilities of an industrial power inverter, it’s important not to settle for a model that doesn’t fit your needs. Industrial grade inverters may cost more than their less capable counterparts, but, considering their durable construction and long lifespan, they’re often the most cost effective option in the long run for industrial users.

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