Industrial power inverters have several characteristics that you should consider before making a purchase. For example, to implement an inverter that properly supports your electrical equipment, you need to know the load rating of the inverter, the power rating of the inverter, and the difference between the terms. Below, we define each term, and explain their importance.

Load Rating

Because it transmits electricity to electrical equipment, an industrial power inverter is a device that supplies the load to equipment that uses the electrical circuit that contains the inverter. The power supply load is typically expressed in wattage, and you can calculate it by adding together the maximum wattage for each piece of equipment to which the inverter transmits power.

When considering the load rating of industrial power inverters, it’s a good idea to invest in a load rating that’s moderately higher than what you need. This is important for two reasons: Equipment that requires more wattage may be switched out with equipment that required less, and it helps prevent the need to invest in a new inverter every time your load needs change.

Power Rating

The power rating of an inverter is the highest amount of power that can safely flow through the piece of equipment. In action, an inverter’s power rating “protects equipment by providing a level of operation under which the equipment will not be damaged, while allowing for a certain safety margin.” (Wikipedia).

Especially important is the “certain safety margin” of industrial power inverters, as it helps ensure that no equipment on the circuit is damaged due to spikes in electricity. For the sake of flexibility, it’s a good idea to purchase a moderately higher power rating than you need.

But remember that purchasing equipment whose power rating is significantly higher than you can result in overspending.

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