When wired to variable speed electric motors that can operate at different intervals and/or power levels, frequency inverters can save organizations lots of money.

For instance, imagine running a giant fan at the top of an exhaust tower full blast, day and night, versus (a) shutting it off during periods of no exhaust production, and (b) having the fan use only as much energy as needed when it runs. Using the fan this way could save thousands of dollars in annual utility costs, but you don’t need to run gigantic exhaust fans to benefit.

Sized to Scale

Industrial exhaust fans range from models with massive circumferences to models that are highly compact, like a fan in a filtration system that captures Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP) in a small workroom.

In either case, there’s an opportunity to save on utility costs. Industrial power frequency inverters are designed to handle different maximum wattages, but they work same on every scale, helping save money by changing motor input frequency and voltage to control motor speed and torque.

Enhances Lifespan

Industrial power frequency inverters have another financial benefit: They help extend the life of exhaust fan motors. When it’s properly installed and receives scheduled maintenance, a motor that only uses as much energy as needed should have a lifespan that reaches the high end of the spread (e.g. lifespan of 25-30 years), or exceeds it.

Replacing a large exhaust fan motor can easily require a high five-figure investment — a cost no organization wants to pay, much less on short notice. Frequency inverters increase the chance of motors fulfilling the maximum lifespan, thus helping organizations better plan for future equipment purchases.

Reduces Maintenance

In addition to helping save money by reducing energy use and making the lifespan of motors more predictable, using industrial power inverters with exhaust fans can yield cost savings by reducing motor maintenance.

A motor should always be serviced according the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance plan. But motors that operate only as needed, with only the amount of power needed, can require an exceptionally low level of maintenance — requiring fewer replacement parts and less frequent parts cleaning — than motors operating at peak capacity 24/7.

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