There are several important criteria that distinguish inverter manufacturers from each other. If this is your first time purchasing a frequency inverter, you will find you have plenty of inverter brands to choose from. Which one should you select? To answer the question, it helps to separate inverter manufacturers using four basic criteria: construction grade of inverters, load rating of inverters, product certifications, and whether the seller offers pre-sale technical support.

Construction Grade

Manufacturers make inverters that have different grades of construction. Some inverters are designed to be used in residential environments, others are intended for commercial environments, and still others are designed to be placed in industrial environments. There can also be several types of sub environments within these environments. Therefore, is important to determine exactly what environment an inverter’s grade of construction makes it suitable for.

Load Rating

Inverter manufacturers also design inverters to carry different loads. If you use an inverter that is designed to serve a smaller load than the one you need to support, you increase the risk of the equipment failing during service. If you are unsure about the load the device will serve, an electrical engineering consultant can help. When purchasing an inverter, it is always better to select one that offers more load capacity than necessary than not enough load capacity.

Product Certifications

The environment in which you use an inverter may require the device to have certain types of certifications, such as a Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) certification, a Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) certification, or a TUV – TL9000 certification. These certifications reflect the device’s ability to perform under adverse conditions and offer a certain level of protection to workers. Exeltech offer inverters that carry these important certifications.

Technical Support

Some manufacturers provide pre-sale technical support to help customers select the right inverter, while other manufacturers expect the customer to know what they need ahead of time. If your company or organization needs assistance selecting the right model of frequency inverter, Exeltech will provide the assistance you need. We will help you select the device that offers the construction grade, load capacity, and certifications you need.

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