Exeltech is one of many inverter manufacturers. So, why should you shop with us instead of another manufacturer? Based on the needs of our customers, there are several reasons to make Exeltech’s business website your first stop when you are ready to buy an inverter. We offer several important advantages that help us meet the needs our our discerning customers. If you need a new power inverter, below are three reasons to make Exeltech your first choice.

Important Certifications

The environments in which inverters are designed to operate are often defined by the certifications the devices possess. When you buy an inverter from Exeltech, you receive one that has three important certifications: a Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) certification, a Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) certificate, and a TUV – TL9000 certificate. If you need an inverter that has these certifications, you can get it from Exeltech.

Custom Design

In some cases, an organization needs an inverter that isn’t sold as a ready made product. In this situation, the best option is to work with an inverter manufacturer to create a custom inverter that meets the customer’s needs. Unlike some inverter manufacturers, Exeltech has the ability to design and manufacture custom inverters that meet the unique needs of our customers. If you can’t find the type of power inverter you need, contact us about creating a customer inverter.

Elite Specialization

Unlike companies that manufacture several types of equipment, including inverters, Exeltech focuses exclusively on designing and manufacturing electrical conduction equipment. For years, we have focused on creating the best inverters for a variety of uses, from conducting solar power into electricity to withstanding adverse conditions in the operating environment. When you buy an inverter, you should get it from a company that has a core practice of creating inverters.

Contact Us Today

The important certifications our inverters have, our ability to custom design custom inverters, and our specialization in designing electrical conductivity equipment make Exeltech one of the leading inverter manufacturers. Whether you need a ready made inverter or one built from scratch, we will supply the equipment you need for a competitive price. For more information, call us today at (800) 886-4683 to schedule a consultation, or use our contact form.