TUV – TL9000 is a certification standard that was created by TÜV Rheinland, a Germany-based international service provision group that now has offices in North America and over 60 other countries. In 1998, QuEST Forum created the TL 9000 Quality Management System (QMS) that establishes supply chain quality requirements for the international telecommunications industry.

TÜV Rheinland and its subsidiaries now use TL 9000 qualifications to determine whether inverter manufacturers and producers of other types of telecommunications equipment are qualified to receive TUV – TL9000 certification, which offers the following benefits, to name a few: reduced risk of company liability due to stringent safety standards, improved efficiency in the operating environment, and fulfillment of telecommunications industry requirements.

The Certification Process

In most cases, determining a company’s eligibility for TUV – 9000 certification entails at least four official steps, as outlined on TÜV Rheinland’s company website: preliminary audit, examination of documentation, secondary audit, and issuance of certification. Each of these requirements is examined in more detail below.

Step One: Preliminary Audit

Auditors for TÜV Rheinland or one of its subsidiaries perform a preliminary audit to assess whether the customer has already implemented requirements for TUV – TL9000 certification. The preliminary audit is typically considered optional.

Step Two: Examination of Documentation

Auditors assess the extent to which the customer’s management system documentation is in keeping with norms spa treatments. Companies whose documentation is in keeping with the treatments progress to step three, the secondary audit.

Step Three: Secondary Audit

Auditors observe the customer demonstrate how management system documentation is applied in practice, and assess the system based on its effectiveness. For many inverter manufacturers, step three is the biggest hurdle in the certification process.

Step Four: Issuance of Certificate

If the customer meets the criteria above, it is awarded TUV – TL9000 certification. This demonstrates that the customer has shown conformity and compliance that establish that the management system is in keeping with current TUV – TL9000 standards.

TUV – TL9000 certification must be reassessed every three years. This means that the customer must repeat the audit process at three year intervals to maintain certification. TÜV Rheinland or one of its subsidiaries can perform surveillance audits that help the customer remain in good standing for certification.

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