The type of inverter you receive depends largely on the manufacturer from which you buy it. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what questions to ask about an inverter before they purchase it. If you are in this position, take some time to peruse through the questions and answers below. They can help you make an educated decision about the inverter you buy.

What role does load capacity plan in inverter selection?

Load capacity is one of the most important criteria of an inverter. If an inverter has a load rating that is too low for the load it must serve, the device will be overworked and likely to prematurely fail during service. Inverter manufacturers clearly mark the load capacity of their inverters.

Do inverters have different grades of construction?

Inverters have three primary grades of instruction: residential grade, commercial grade, and industrial grade. Commercial grade and industrial grade inverters tend to have the highest load capacity, and feature rigid construction that helps them endure tough operating environments.

What are the cost levels for different inverters?

Of the three most common inverters in use today, square wave inverters tend to cost the least, modified sine wave inverters are typically the second least expensive, and true sine wave inverters cost the most. Most sensitive electronics require the use of a true sine wave inverter.

What certifications should an inverter possess?

Inverter manufacturers offer various type of certifications. In terms of safety and performance under adverse operating conditions, important certifications are Network-Equipment Building System (NEBS), Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), and TUV-TL9000.

Should the manufacturer or another party perform maintenance?

Maintenance that the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) performs is typically significantly more expensive than maintenance that a third party performs. After the maintenance period expires, have a qualified third party handle the maintenance needs of your frequency inverters.

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