At first glance, many inverter manufacturers seem the same, with the only differences being the brand of equipment they produce and what the equipment is used for, such as solar power conversion, UPS power conversion, or tying into the electrical grid. However, when you look past the obvious differences, inverter manufacturers can seem even more dissimilar to each other. With this in mind, below are four crucial reasons why it matters from whom you buy it.

Area of Specialization

Does a manufacturer produce various types of equipment or specialize in producing electricity conduction equipment, such as converters and inverters? Ideally, you want to buy an inverter from a company that specializes in manufacturing electricity conduction equipment; it has everything to lose by creating low-quality products.

Business History

Has the manufacturer been in business less than two years? Has it recently undergone several business name changes? Has its product branding recently changed several times? You want the answers to these questions to be no, no, and no. Otherwise, the company may have a questionable — and potentially unscrupulous — business history.

Manufacturing Process

Does the manufacturer keep the manufacturing process located in house, or does it outsource parts of the process to other manufacturers? A manufacturer that handles the production process can exhibit more quality control over its products than inverter manufacturers that outsource parts of the production process.

Product Certifications

Do you need an inverter that has special certifications, such as a Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) certificate, a restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), or a TUV – TL9000 certificate? If so, be sure to investigate the manufacturer’s inverters to see if they possess the certificates you need.

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In terms of their area of specialization, business history, manufacturing process, and the product certifications of their equipment, inverter manufacturers can be as different as the types of equipment they sell. If you are looking for an experienced manufacturer of inverters that specializes in designing highly certified power conduction equipment, Exeltech is the company you can trust. For more information, call us today at (800) 886-4683, or use our contact form.