Many customers that purchase products from inverter manufacturers know exactly what they need. They have a good knowledge of inverters and can assess which product to buy.

But there are also newly minted facility managers who are preparing to purchase their first inverter, and require assistance with product selection. For these customers, receiving pre-sale technical support from inverter manufacturers is indispensable.

What is Pe-sale Support?

Pre-sale support is support customers receive from before they purchase an inverter. The focus of the support varies. Some customers may need help choosing between one of two inverter models that share important similarities, while others may need assistance identifying even the most basic aspects of what they need in an inverter.

For this second group of customers, pre-sale technical support is exceptionally important. Without it, they could choose the wrong inverter, investing in more inverter capacity than they need or — on the flip side — under-investing. Inverter manufacturers that provide pre-sale support help to prevent this from happening.

Availability of Pe-sale Support

Pre-sale technical support is often considered a value-added service. But the availability of pe-sale support across numerous industries is more pervasive than one might think. If you buy straight from the manufacturer instead of a vendor, there’s an excellent chance that pre-sale support will be available, as a part of the customer service plan.

According to a recent report from the Harvard Business Review, “Presales requires a dedicated team of experts split into roughly two-thirds for technical activities (crafting solutions to customers’ problems) and one-third for commercial activities (managing deal qualification and bid).”

Excellent pre-sale support requires inverter manufacturers to invest significantly in in-house resources. However, manufacturers have a financial incentive to offer the support.

According to the same report from Harvard Business Review, “Companies with strong pre-sales capabilities consistently achieve win rates of 40–50% in new business and 80–90% in renewal business — well above average rates.”

Ultimately, pre-sale support can be highly beneficial for both inverter manufacturers and their loyal customers.

Need Help Selecting an Inverter?

If so, the product specialists at Exeltech are here to help. We assist customers with selecting precisely the right equipment for their needs. When one of our stock models isn’t the best solution, we create custom equipment that is tailored to meet unique requirements.

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