When it comes to customer service, inverter manufacturers are like manufacturers of other products: some offer friendlier service than others, and some provide almost no service at all, beyond what is needed to sell products.

If you’re in the process of choosing an industrial inverter manufacturer, below are four customer-friendly characteristics to search for in manufacturers, as you make your decision.

1. Transparent Pricing

Industrial inverter manufacturers often sell more than one type of inverter, and the models they offer frequently have different prices. The price you see advertised online or in-store is what you should pay, but this doesn’t always happen.

For example, a manufacturer might list the price for its least expensive model in the title tag of one of its search engine listings, without clarifying that the price applies to a specific inverter. When you find the inverter you need, you also find it more expensive than expected.

When a manufacturer uses this type of bait-and-switch tactic, it can show that the company is for more concerned with generating revenue than considering the position of customers.

2. Post-Sale Support

Almost all inverter manufacturers offer pre-sale technical support, because it helps them make sales. However, not as many manufacturers offer a meaningful level of post-sale technical support, despite the fact that it helps maintain a strong customer base.

If you think that you might need post-sale support for installing or maintaining your inverter, inquire about what type of support is available after the sale. If the help you may need isn’t offered, it’s a strong sign that you should choose a different manufacturer.

3. Custom Inverters

Stock model inverters are sufficient for the needs of most users, but there are also quite a few users whose inverter requirements don’t conform to the norm. These organizations need custom inverters that are tailored to their unique electricity conduction requirements.

Because it’s often hard to determine whether you need a custom inverter before you explore a manufacturer’s product options, it’s a good idea to choose a manufacturer that offers custom inverters, in addition to stock models. This type of manufacturer has no reason to push the sale of a stock model inverter, when a custom model is what you really need.

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