Minimal downtime is the aim of any and all industries. The work must always go on and it’s not possible to afford any lapses in the working of the factory equipment and machinery.

This is the main reason industrial power inverters are a necessity in any industry. It helps ensure there’s no or at least minimal damage to the machinery during a power outage.

The problem, however, is that there are so many different sized inverters to choose from. Read on to find out why you have to spend some time researching to ensure you buy the right sized unit.

1. Is size important?

Yes, size is indeed important. It’s because you have to choose and buy the right sized inverter, which can be anywhere between 12 to 220V. Only the right sized inverter can help protect your equipment.

However, before asking questions, you need to find out what your power consumption is. Only then will you be able to find the right inverter for your needs.

2. Is it better buying a larger sized industrial power inverter?

No, it is not worth paying extra and buying too big an inverter at the start, especially when you don’t need so much power. Similarly, too small inverters will not serve the purpose of minimizing downtime.

You can always play safe and buy modular inverters based on your present power consumption. You can then go on adding extra modules as needed as your power needs increase.

3. Are customized inverters a better option?

It depends on the case. If you don’t find the right sized inverters for your factory, its better buying customized units instead of making do with whatever standard sized inverter you find. Though you may have to pay a little extra to companies like Exeltech for customizing the inverter, it’s well worth it. You at least know it’s strong enough to protect your equipment in a power outage instead of taking a risk with an existing standard unit.