Modular inverters are reminiscent to blade servers you slip into a large chassis that has multiple server slots. As with servers, one of the main benefits of deploying modular inverters on this model is they can be inserted in the chassis to scale up capacity. Instead of buying a new inverter for scaling purposes, users can simply slip another inverter into the chassis.

Cleaning Modular Inverters

Modular inverters are hot swapped for scaling purposes, and to replace a defunct inverters with new ones. But the hardware is also removed from the chassis for scheduled maintenance. When soils must be cleaned from an inverter module, several solutions can be used. For many users, isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is an excellent option for the following four reasons.

1. Excels at Removing Oil

If your modular inverter system experiences oil build up, IPA is a great cleaner for the job. Food oil, mineral oil, engine oil, and other oils with a nonpolar microstructure are easily cleaned away. Considering the many other soils that oil can attract, simply using industrial grade  IPA (i.e., at least 99% pure) can address several cleaning needs in a single cleaning application.

2. Inexpensive to Purchase

Given its relatively simple chemical formula, industrial grade IPA is easy to synthesize and, therefore, is both one of the most affordable and most effective cleaners for electronics. IPA is a perfect example of how newness and complex chemical formulation don’t necessarily make for a better solvent. Since the early 1920s, IPA has cleaned electronics with great efficacy.

3. Fast Evaporation Rate

IPA has a high vapor pressure that makes it evaporate quickly. It doesn’t vaporize too quickly to adequately clean parts in modular inverters, but it evaporates fast enough to eliminate the threat of oxidation in non-stainless parts. Concerning oxidation, IPA’s fast evaporation is especially beneficial, as most industrial strength IPA formulations contain a small percentage of water.

4. Leaves no Residue

If a cleaner leaves a residue on parts in modular inverters, the equipment will likely attract dirt and grime faster than before. The residue serves as a bed where airborne particles of dust, oil, and other soils can land and start to accrete. By leaving no residue, IPA eliminates the vicious cycle of using a residue cleaner continually more often to keep inverter parts clean.

In the Market for Modular Inverters?

If so, it’s important to remember that the equipment will need scheduled maintenance. IPA can be an excellent cleaner for the job for the reasons above, among several others. To place an order for modular inverters or to inquire about inverter maintenance, please call us today at 800-886-4683, or send us an email through our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!