Modular inverters feature standard components that can be combined in different ways to offer increased flexibility for industrial and commercial work environments. For a company or organization that truly needs them, modular inverters offer a variety of important benefits, especially the four listed below.

1. Configurable for Tight Spaces

Sometimes, you need to place an inverter in a tight space that’s too confined for the dimensions of a conventional inverter, such as a narrow space on an assembly line. Because its parts can be combined and connected to change the shape and size of the equipment, a modular inverter can provide the necessary dimensions, and eliminate the cost of using a more complex solution.

2. Usable in System That Consolidates Inverters

Modular inverters can be inserted in a modular inverter system that resembles a blade server system, in which slim, blade-like servers are inserted in a central unit that serves different work areas. In addition to providing an efficient way to store inverters, modular inverter systems allow you to accommodate different load requirements based on the type and number of inverters you place in the system (e.g. 20% load, 50% load, 80% load, etc.)

3. Often Feature Hot Swap Capability

Because modular inverters are designed with efficiency in mind, they can often be hot swapped. As with other types of equipment, hot swapping inverters allows work processes to continue virtually unhindered, while workers perform the swap. Modular inverter systems that can hold multiple power inverters at any given time make the hot swapping operation highly efficient.

4.Easy to Maintain When Used in System

Using modular inverters in a system, as described above, has yet another advantage: Inverters in the system are usually exceptionally easy to maintain. Manual maintenance can be performed by gently slipping an inverter out of its “parking space” in the system. Depending on the system model, functional issues that don’t require physical repairs can be resolved by using a digital interface.

Considering Modular Inverters?

Inverters that aren’t designed for modularity serve most companies and organizations perfectly well, but there are also situations in which modularity is a necessity. If you think that your outfit requires modular inverters, but you need more information to decide, please call us today at (800) 886-4683, or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to helping you select the right equipment for your power inversion requirements.