Industrial grade modular inverters are made to withstand adverse operating conditions. However, some adverse operating conditions and maintenance practices that can harm modular inverters. If you plan to use modular inverters, be on the lookout for the following things that could cause inverter damage that leads to inverter replacement or a stiff repair bill.

1. Extreme Temperatures

Depending on the temperature in the operating environment, modular inverters may be somewhat sluggish due to coldness, or they could automatically shutdown to prevent heat damage when in hot environments. Furthermore, if temperatures quickly vacillate from hot to cold — and back again — the metal will expand and contract, as temperatures change.

Changing temperatures won’t destroy the components of modular inverters outright, but the temperatures can predispose components to have loose fittings that are warped. If you need an inverter that can withstand hot and cold, a NEBS Level 3 inverter may be the best choice.

2. Airborne Contaminants

Standard airborne contaminants such as dust and solvent fumes usually don’t make an inverter malfunction. However, any type of airborne contaminant that causes metal to rust can make an inverter start to oxidize from the inside out. The key is to know the precise conditions an inverter must operate under before you purchase a specific make and model.

3. Poor Maintenance

Like most machines and electronics, modular inverters need scheduled maintenance. Without it, a buildup of dirt and oil can accumulate inside the equipment housing. This can cause electrical contacts to be coated in grime, which can impede the electrical transmission of contacts.

4. Non-Custom Product

Because custom modular inverters cost a bit more than standard inverters, customers often view them as a second second choice, with first choice going to pre-manufactured inverters. But the money you save on a standard inverter will quickly go down the rathole, if the model isn’t designed to handle the adverse conditions in its operating environment.

Again, a NEBS Level 3 inverter is designed to withstand almost any adverse operating condition. NEBS modular inverters may cost a bit more than standard inverters, but NEBS equipment can deliver a longer lifespan, even when consistently exposed to adverse conditions.

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