If you run a small business that needs an inverter, and the expansion of your business will eventually require additional inverters, you have two options for scaling up: add new inverters independently, as the need arises; or scale up using modular inverters that are housed in a central chassis, much like blade servers.

For small businesses that are growing, using modular inverters in a chassis configuration offers the following important benefits, among others.

Predictable Equipment Cost

Because a chassis that holds modular inverters is generally designed to hold a specific kind of inverter, you know how much you’ll spend on the next inverter you add to scale up. If you’re putting a large percentage of profits toward business expansion, knowing how much you’ll spend on the next inverter helps create a realistic operating budget that brings no surprises.

Easy to Swap Out Inverters

If one of the modular inverters in the chassis must be removed for maintenance, repair, or permanent replacement, you can use a chassis that lets you swap out the inverter with a different one, while other inverters in the chassis remain energized. Known as “hot swapping”, this capability helps reduce inverter downtime and sustain productivity.

Wide Range of Scalability

The scalability of your inverter setup depends partly on how many inverters the chassis can hold. Choose between a small-scale chassis that holds roughly four inverters and a large-scale model that can hold man more. If you’re unsure of how much scalability you should invest in upfront, consult with the manufacturer of the power inverters you plan to use.

Fast Maintenance / Repair

Using modular inverters in a chassis configuration can speed up inverter maintenance and repair. The inverter can be quickly slipped out of the chassis instead of removed from a permanent setting. Plus, the worker has access to the equipment from all angles, and can choose the best manual approach for providing scheduled maintenance or making a repair.

Need Modular Inverters?

If so, we’d like to hear from you. Exeltech manufacturers stock and custom inverters for organizations and companies in various industries. In addition to receiving a custom or a stock model, you have the option of receiving an inverter that has one or more of the following certifications: NEBS Level 3, TUV – TL9000, and RoHS.

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