If industrial inverters play a pivotal role in your facility’s operations, you can ill-afford for inverters to cease functioning while you maintain them, repair them, or swap them out for an upgrade. In these situations, it’s possible to eliminate inverter downtime by using modular inverters.

Chassis vs. Stand Alone

Inverters are commonly installed on what the industrial power industry refers to as a “stand alone” basis. Instead of being part of a professionally optimized system of inverters — with the individual units housed in a central chassis — they are installed unit by unit at different locations (at different points on a manufacturing line, for example), with no direct connection between them.

Modular inverters have the opposite deployment strategy. Instead of being left to operate on their own, they comprise a system of two or more inverters that are contained in a chassis. The number of modular inverters the chassis can house varies, from just a few inverters to an exceptionally high number of inverters, when customized modular assemblies are considered.

Because the inverters receive power from a central source (the chassis) they can be “hot swapped” (i.e. one inverter replaced with another, while the other inverters remain in operation).

Advantage of Hot Swapping

When modular inverters are connected through a chassis, they enable the customer to perform hot swapping. Because a modular inverter can be swapped out with another inverter, while other inverters in the chassis remain energized, performing their function, hot swapping eliminates inverter downtime that can result from maintenance, repair, or replacement.

The problem, of course, is that a downed inverter, in suspending the inverter function, can require the suspension of crucial applications and functions the inverter supports. Depending on what those applications and functions are, suspending them could cause noticeable dips in productivity. This is a situation that hot swapping modular inverters can help eliminate.

In addition, the customer can scale inverter capacity up and down by adding or removing units from the chassis, without disrupting the crucial process of inverting electricity from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

Shopping for Industrial Inverters?

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