Industrial modular inverters often require a significant investment, but some of their characteristics can help offset the expense. Below are four ways that a modular inverter can deliver an excellent return on investment (ROI), based on the characteristics of the equipment.

1. Hot Swapping

Modular inverters that are housed in a multi-unit chassis can often be hot swapped. Simply pull out the inverter you need to replace, and replace it with a new one, while the rest of the inverters remain in service.

This valuable characteristic can significantly reduce inverter downtime during an inverter replacement. By extension, it helps your company sustain productivity.

2. Excellent Scalability

A modular inverter chassis that house multiple units can also reduce the time it takes to scale up your company’s inverter capacity, or the time required to scale it down. Scalability also helps eliminate the need to purchase a new equipment solution every time you need to scale up.

In addition to helping you sustain productivity, excellent scalability can also create more room in your equipment budget by reducing the need to buy comprehensive equipment upgrades.

3. Reduced Power Use

Powering inverters through a single power source for the chassis can require less electricity than powering inverters individually. If you require a large chassis that houses multiple units ― and especially if you operate more than one chassis ― this characteristic could noticeably shave dollars from your annual electricity bill.

In addition to helping you save money, using modular inverters in order to use less power can help your company be a better steward to the environment.

4. Small Equipment Footprint

When you need to run multiple inverters simultaneously within the same space, having enough floor space can become a concern. Because it minimizes the footprint of inverters, a chassis that houses multiple units helps you make better use of floorspace.

If you’re on the brink of needing a larger building to house equipment, the small equipment footprint of modular inverters could help you remain in your, smaller, less expensive building.

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