For many users, modular design one of the most helpful inverter features. Modular inverters can be housed in a chassis that holds multiple units, allowing users to scale up or down by adding or removing inverters, while the rest of the units in the chassis remain fully operable. This feature is also helpful for “hot swapping” old inverters with new ones. But what should you do with the old inverters you remove? Toss them in the trash?

What to Do With Old Modular Inverters: Three Options

For users who insist on getting the most from their investment in an inverter, placing the equipment in a waste bin should be the last option. That’s because there are at least three ways to maximize your investment in modular inverters, after you remove them from the chassis: use them in another part of your facility, sell them to an equipment refurbisher, or sell them to a company that specializes in recycling used power inversion equipment.

1. Use Them in Another Place

Could your old inverters be repurposed by using them in another part of your facility? If so, this is almost certainly your most profitable option, as it temporarily prevents the need to purchase new units. If it’s an option, why not create more room in your equipment budget by reusing your old inverters instead of saying goodbye them?

2. Sell to an Equipment Refurbisher

If your old modular inverters are still operable and offer capabilities that are still needed by other users, you may have the opportunity to sell the equipment to a company that reconditions inverters to their original appearance and operating condition. If you would like to sell your old inverters, this option is likeliest to net you the best return.

3. Sell to an Equipment Recycler

Like many types of electronics, inverters contain valuable metals that some recyclers are willing to pay for. Selling a single inverter to a recycler won’t give you a sizable return. But if you have multiple inverters to sell, the stakes are obviously higher. Why not take the money and invest it in the upkeep of your new inverters, such as by having infrared scanning performed to detect possible electrical problems when they occur, instead of later on?

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