Is your company or organization considering switching to modular inverters? If so, there are plenty reasons for making the switch, with the reasons below being some of the most popular ones for why many consider upgrading to modular inverters the option of choice:

  • Inverters are housed in a chassis, which creates a small footprint and uses less energy.
  • The chassis helps protect inverters from hard knocks and bumps.
  • Inverters in the chassis can be hot swapped while the inverter is up and running.
  • Inverters are easy to replace; simply slip a compatible inverter into the chassis.
  • The ease of sliding inverters from the chassis makes maintenance more efficient.

There are plenty of reasons for making the switch, but the biggest one of all is that modular inverters are highly flexible compared to standard, permanently-mounted inverters. Now, let’s look at a basic scenario for what you’ need to do to make a modular installation a success.

Determine Optimal Scalability

Users that need excellent scalability commonly purchase an inverter chassis that has space for  multiple inverters. On the flipside, users whose inverter needs are static and don’t require much inverter capacity my opt for a small chassis. The point is to determine the scalability you need, so you don’t end up overinvesting or underinvesting in new equipment.

Purchase Compatible Inverters 

If you need to scale up your inverter capacity, you’ll likely buy one or more inverters to add to the chassis. When shopping, be sure to review the specs of inverters to see if they match up with the specs of your chassis for modular inverters. This ensures you purchase the right make and model on the first attempt ― no product returns that slow your plans and hamper productivity.

Technicians Install New System

Your electrical system may need to be reconfigured to accommodate the new inverter system. In-house or third party maintenance may be able to assist, but you ideally want a professional inverter technician to do the work. If a glitch occurs, you can re-engage the technician to make it right ― and you’re likely to receive the work for free, as long as the new system is under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Employee Training is Performed

A chassis filled with modular inverters is generally easier and more efficient to maintain than standard inverters. But a centralized system of modular inverters is still an implementation that involves new operating protocols. Usability issues can often be gotten out of the way early by receiving training at your location under the supervision of the seller’s technicians.

Interested in Modular Inverters?   

If so, visit Exeltech. We specialize in industrial grade inverters and converters. We have a wide range of products in these categories, at least one of which is likely to address your needs. If it turns out that our stock products are not a good fit for your application, we can create a custom chassis and inverters that are tailored to meet your requirements.

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