There are plenty of offers for modular inverters on the internet, but some manufacturers don’t take time explain how modular inverters differ from standard inverters. This is usually because customers already know what modular inverters are, and have arrived at a manufacturer’s website looking for them.

However, if this is your first time looking at inverters that feature modular design, you may indeed need some guidance on how the two types of inverters differ. Below, we explain the major differences from the standpoint of the end user.

Modular Instead of Integrated

As Webopedia says about modular architecture, “[Modular] refers to the design of any system composed of separate components that can be connected together. The beauty of modular… is that you can replace or add any one component (module) without affecting the rest of the system.”

The same concept exists with modular inverters. The equipment components can be swapped out with other components to perform maintenance and repair, or to reconfigure the device to fit in a space with unique dimensions. In “integrated” inverters — which means the parts are interconnected — the component swaps can require considerably more time and effort, as well as inverter downtime while the work is performed.

Why Invest in Modular Design?

Modular inverters are seldom purchased without a specific purpose in mind. Often, the customer is interested in hot swapping capability for the sake of productivity. Consequently, the “redundancy” modular inverters offer though hot swapping can become a crucial aspect of business continuity for industrial organizations. Using the correct safety measures, parts of a modular inverter may be replaced while the device remains energized to avoid downtime.

Because their modularity makes them easy to maintain and repair, modular inverters also tend to have a longer lifespan than inverters that feature integrated parts. The inverters may be manufactured to offer the same lifespan, but the hassle-free repair of modular models makes it easy to keep them in service for extensive periods of time.

We Sell Modular Inverters

For most organizations, inverters with modular design are valued for the types of efficiency and effectiveness discussed in sections above. If you need more information about modular inverters, call Exeltech today at (800) 886-4683, or send us an email through our contact form.

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