If you need industrial power inverters, there is no question that you require more energy and more durability. Apart from being either industrial or residential, inverters can also be modular or standard. Because of the increase in their demand, many manufacturers fail to explain the difference between modular inverters and standard inverters. Perhaps it is because many of their clients already know the answer. What about first time purchasers?

If this is your first time looking into inverters with a modular and a standard design, you need to know what sets the modular inverter apart.

The Modular Inverter

The term “modular” means that the design of any given system is made up of individual components that can all be linked together. The most beautiful part of the modular system is that you can add or replace a module or a component without affecting the rest of the system. Because of this, you save time and money. The same thing applies to any modular inverter. You can swap out its components with any other compatible one for repair or maintenance. This can also be done if you want to reconfigure the entire device, so it can fit a space with unusual dimensions. The parts of a modular inverters are interconnected. As you swap components, it is understandable to consume more effort and time. The inverter itself experiences a downtime as you perform this task.

Do You Want to Put Your Money in a Modular Inverter?

Inverters with the modular design are always purchased because of a certain purpose. Some customers are interested in the part swapping capability of the inverter. They like this because they want to increase their productivity. The company avoids downtime because the parts of their modular inverter can be repaired or replaced without turning the device off.

Benefits of Using Modular Inverters

Below are more benefits a modular inverter can give you:

  1. It requires simple maintenance and repair. The parts and dimensions of modular inverters make them easy to maintain.
  2. It is cost effective. A stock modular inverter can sell for less than a custom made one. You can opt for a custom made modular inverter if your company has special needs.
  3. It is easy to install. A modular inverter’s dimensions are standardized. That is why the customers know how much space they need to house it.

Productivity is always a priority in any company. Repairs and maintenance should be easy to do. If you want to save money and time on industrial power inverters, be practical and choose a modular one.