Are you looking for industrial power inverters?

Are you a first-time buyer?

And do you wonder what the difference is between standard and modular inverters? 

If yes, don’t worry because we have you covered. Here’s a brief explanation and description of the two. 

Modular inverters

The unique aspect of modular inverters is that it comprised of individual parts which are linked together. This concept lets you add and replace modules as required for repairs or to improve the inverter capacity. You can thus do it without switching off the inverter or affecting the rest of the system. 

You, in the process, save time and money because there’s no downtime if you need to repair or upgrade the unit by changing the interconnected modules. Besides, you can easily reconfigure modular inverters to fit into any space with unusual dimensions. 

Should you invest in modular inverters?

The most common reason people opt to invest in modular inverters is because of their part swapping feature. It helps improve the industry’s productivity by avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Three benefits of investing in a modular inverter

  1. The most obvious benefit is its simplicity in maintenance and repair. Anyone can easily remove and replace the different modules as required. But it is always better to have an experienced technician to do it. 
  • Another benefit is its cost-effectiveness. 

You have the option of selecting between a stock or a customized modular inverter. The stock versions are no doubt cheaper and ideal if you don’t have any specific power needs. 

However, a customized modular inverter makes a better choice if your industry has particular power needs. 

  • Last but not least, modular inverters are easy to install. It’s all thanks to its standardized dimensions. You thus know how much space it requires and can accordingly place it in the right spot. 

Standard industrial power inverters may be a better option if you don’t have scaling plans shortly.

However, if you have a heavy power load and may need more power soon, modular inverters will make a better choice. They are easy to use, affordably priced, can be customized, and minimizes downtime.