During the 1970s, Bell Labs created Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) certification ratings. The main purpose and intent was to standardize the electrical-based conduction equipment components that were utilized in their operating centers. This process aided in ensuring that the appropriate safety measures were put into place in the operating centers, making it easy to perform maintenance on the equipment, and helped to accurately predict the overall performance of all of the equipment located within the centers. Today, inverter manufacturers continue to utilize the NEBS certifications to grade industrial power inverters. In this brief post, you will learn the basics of each of the level grades – level 1, level 2, and level 3.

Level 1 NEBS Certification

Industrial power inverters that are classified as “Level 1” are typically in the testing phase of the manufacturing process. This certification informs engineers that the product is in line with the personnel and the equipment-based safety requirements as outlined in GR-1089-CORE and GR-63-CORE; therefore, it is safe to test.

Level 2 NEBS Certification

Inverter manufacturers assign the second level of certification to industrial power inverters that apply and conform to the previously-mentioned safety requirements. Additionally, it indicates that the operating requirements for the hardware is appropriate for operation in areas that does not include excessive adverse conditions that could detrimentally impact the functionality of the unit. In most instances, data storage facilities and IT facilities incorporate the use of industrial power inverters that have the designation of “Level 2”.

Level 3 NEBS Certification

The third level of certification includes the conformity to safety previously mentioned and designates the inverter as a product that is designed for usage in environments that are harsh or adverse. These industrial power inverters are commonly found in businesses where there are excessive air contaminates, strong vibrations, and extreme hot or cold temperatures. In most instances, all industrial power inverters are designated at “Level 3”.


If you are in the market for industrial power inverters for your business, it is advised that you opt for the Level 3 NEBS Certification. Not only will this protect your modular inverters while in operation, but it will protect your investment – as a whole. If you require more information on factors to consider when shopping for inverters or would like more detailed information on the certifications outlined in this guide, you may contact us directly by calling the following number today: 800-886-4683