If your organization is shopping for a frequency inverter that it can’t find on store shelves or the internet, it may be in the market for a custom inverter. Some companies shy away from purchasing a custom inverter when the cost exceeds the price of a conventional inverter. However, if an inverter wouldn’t meet the electricity conduction needs for which it would be used, there is no reason to invest in the equipment, regardless of how affordably it is priced.

Reasons for Custom Inverters

There are several reasons to consider purchasing a custom inverter: to serve an inordinately large electrical load, operate under adverse conditions, and meet company policies, to name a few. To see if your situation warrants purchasing a custom inverter, contact Exeltech today.

Large Electrical Load

Ready made inverters typically serve a load size somewhere between 50 watts and 50,000 watts. If you need a device with an exceptionally high load rating, Exeltech can create the device from scratch, and end the search for a piece of equipment that is otherwise unavailable.

Operating Conditions

If a ready made inverter would operate under conditions for which certifications do not approve its use, you need a custom inverter. However, before you use a custom inverter to address operating conditions, be sure a Level 3 NEBS certified inverter would not meet your needs.

Company Policies

If your company has a unique set of standards that govern electricity conduction equipment, making an inverter that is a custom fit for the standards may be the only way to avoid violations. Exeltech can manufacture an inverter that perfectly fits the needs of your company.

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There are several reasons why an organization may need a custom inverter, such as to serve an unusually large electrical load, use an inverter that withstands adverse operating conditions, and meet company policies. Regardless of why you need a custom piece of equipment, the experienced engineers at Exeltech will design an inverter that meets your needs. For more information about our products and services, call us today at (800) 886-4683, or use our contact form.