AC power industrial inverters are a significant investment and can last a long time if properly maintained.

If you think having a regular maintenance contract with companies like Exeltech is a waste, well, remember that any faults that develop because of negligence are more expensive to repair than annual maintenance contracts.

And it’s not just the technicians who can help maintain your AC inverters. The following tips go a long way in maintaining and prolonging your inverters’ lives. 

1. Proper ventilation

Sometimes the right inverter’s proper placement goes a long way in protecting it. Always place it in a well-ventilated spot. Insufficient ventilation leads to overheating and the heat forming dew or water drops.

Water of any form is not suitable for your inverter because most of its materials must be moisture-free. Keeping the inverter someplace ventilated and airy prevents dew formation and all this inconvenience. 

2. Maintain charged batteries

It would help if you charged the inverter batteries all the time to prolong its life. Exeltech technicians do not advise frequently recharging the batteries because it is entirely run down. 

3. Replace damaged batteries

It’s essential to replace damaged or faulty batteries. Do not continue using it alone or with a new battery, as it only ends up damaging the inverter. Avoiding buying new batteries, and using faulty ones, may leave you with an inverter, which may eventually explode. 

4. No heat or flames nearby

Make sure there is no heat or any sort of flames near your power inverter. It will only end up damaging it. 

5. No overloading

Buy the right capacity AC industrial power inverters based on how much your total load will be. This prevents any possible overloading of the inverter. Do not use any additional high electrical devices or appliances as it will only damage the inverter. 

6. Everyday cleaning

Dust is inevitable and exists practically everywhere, even on your AC inverters. So it is worth maintaining a habit of cleaning it every day with a cotton cloth to keep it dust-free. Also, keep it free of any dust and dirt stains like oils. 

7. Discharge batteries and unplug dormant appliances 

It’s better to unplug appliances that are not in use. This helps reduce the AC industrial power inverter’s load and also extends its lifespan. And if there is no power outage for a long time, and you don’t use your AC inverters, make it a habit to discharge the battery at least once a month. 

8. It can be dangerous for children

Be careful with inverters if you have children around. Why> because everything seems to be a toy to them! There is the risk of their spilling food and liquids on the AC inverters if it is near them. They may also try playing with it and risk getting an electric shock while attempting to open it. 

9. Battery terminals should be clean and rust-free

There is a risk of the battery terminals ending up rusty or corroded. With prevention being better than cure, you can prevent rusting by cleaning the terminals with a solution of baking soda and hot water. You can use an old toothbrush to apply the mixture to the battery terminals. 

In addition to this, keep all metal parts like bolts and nuts lubricated by regularly oiling with petroleum jelly. It also helps prevent them from corroding and rusting.

This is necessary because any rust on the terminals will stop the electricity flow to and from the battery. It, in turn, reduces your AC inverters’ performance and its beauty.

Remember, even the most extensive and latest AC industrial power inverters are practically useless without a well-performing and maintained battery. It shows that it’s worth spending the extra time, money, and effort to keep your AC inverters well maintained!