An increasing number of industries are today turning to industrial power inverters for their emergency power needs. Though they make a sizeable initial investment, it’s a worthwhile investment if you consider the downtime it helps you avoid. You no longer need to worry about not being able to function as usual during power outages.

The problem, however, lies in the fact that there are so many types of modular inverters in the market. It makes you wonder how to select the best of the lot and why you should buy one.

Well, to help you out, here is a list of reasons justifying and proving why you should indeed invest in industrial power inverters.

Why you should buy modular inverters

1. A worthwhile investment

As mentioned earlier, modular inverters are more expensive than regular inverters. However, once you buy and start using it, you realize that it’s really worth the extra investment.

2. Unique design

Modular inverters are uniquely designed as not a single huge inverter but comprise individually linked components or modules. There is a reason or benefit for this design.

3. Easily change the inverter configurations.

The unique design proves especially useful if you have to add or replace modules to change the inverter configuration and meet your power requirements.

Besides, the design also makes its repair so much easier. You need not disconnect, take or dump the entire inverter. All you have to do is replace the required module instead of the whole system.

4. Minimal downtime during repairs

Most importantly, you can repair the inverter without having to switch it off. So it means there is no need to worry about downtime or interruption of power to your unit.

5. Standardized footprint

Modular inverters make a popular choice, thanks to their standard footprint. In other words, you know just how much space the unit needs. The total space the entire inverter occupies is the space of one module.

6. Cost-effective

Modular inverters can be removed and replaced as required when faulty. You can also add more modules to the inverter if you need more power. These features make the inverter a cost-effective power solution when compared to customized owner inverters.

7. Compatible with most appliances

The fact that most devices and equipment work with pure sine wave inverters gives you another reason to buy it.

8. Safer to use with a steady voltage

The main reason why modular inverters are so safe for powering sensitive equipment is to maintain steady voltage levels. It means that there is no need to worry about supplying the appliances with more voltage than required.

Besides, it also maintains a steady voltage level while being charged. This is a plus point because it prevents causing any unnecessary damage to the appliances. It’s much safer to use for powering your equipment than other inverters, which tend to fluctuate at low or high voltage.

9. Not noisy

It is enlightening to know that the equipment that runs on modular inverters tends to run with minimal noise. It’s all thanks to its low to zero distortions, which in turn keeps your devices safe and cool all the time.

It is not enough to know all about these benefits and reasons to invest in modular inverters. You still have to do your share of research and not buy the first inverter you set your eyes on.

This means you need to visit the different inverter stores or websites to read reviews. You can find out what other owners have to say about using modular inverters through the reviews.